• Sky Tower Al Reem Island,Abu Dhabi, UAE

Essential & Sustainable Facilities Management Services

Express FM provides a safe, effective and well- maintained facilities for its valued customers in order to allow them to operate efficiently and effectively in carrying out their respective mission. Express FM encompasses a broad spectrum including the Hard and Soft FM services. To ensure a high level of performance to be achieved, Express FM continually develops the established international standards and assesses the performance level of maintenance services, personnel and systems. Express FM services are scheduled through planned preventative and corrective maintenance, constant maintenance and emergency Maintenance services. We also provide the “Facility Management on wheels”. All our operations are managed through our “Computerized Maintenance Management System” (CMMS), through which our performance is monitored against the project-specific key performance indicators. The CMMS system provides a complete transparency of our performance deliverables to our clients. We own of operate our own workshops acrose the Emirates.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Maintenance Connection provides the system tools and the information framework to integrate best practices into the maintenance process, and to lead and manage maintenance as a key part of the total operation. Successful implementation of Maintenance Connection will provide measurable benefits and savings can be expected to support justification of a new system or an up-grade from an older system. A major benefit of Maintenance Connection comes from developing the historical database that becomes readily available as critical maintenance information. An effective system helps turn data into information you can use to manage maintenance as a business.