• Sky Tower Al Reem Island,Abu Dhabi, UAE



Express FM offer a strong preventive and predictive HVAC maintenance program for the retail, commercial and residential building for the both the private and public sectors. We ensure that system is operating correctly and safely. The importance of good HVAC system maintenance goes beyond just controlling energy use. We serves to help maintain system efficiency and life expectancy. Express FM has highly qualified and trained engineers & operators in the maintenance and service procedures for all different types of HVAC systems.

  • Duct cleaning
  • Air Balancing
  • Package air-condition units
  • All chilled water systems pipes
  • Chilled water systems ( Cillers, FCU, AHU, etc. )
  • DX systems ( split unit, ducted split unit, package unit )
  • All Duct Works ( Supply, Return, Ventilation, Exhaust ) & related equipment ( VCP, VAV, FD, RD )

What Can You Expect from Our HVAC Team?

Extend the life of your current equipment with preventative and corrective maintenance that mitigates the risk of failure and promotes efficient operations.
You can expect us to be there. Our experienced teams provide 24/7 emergency services for HVAC systems including high-volume chillers and mission critical cooling systems. whatever you need, EFM teams provide clear, objective data to help you make the best choice for your HVAC and your business.